B. Tech.(Computer Science) with Specialization in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Association with IBM

“Bridging the gap in education, skill, and employment through AI and ML in collaboration with IBM”

“Top Engineering College of Madhya Pradesh ,Who provide Learning to launch through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Collaboration with IBM.”

Career Opportunities

A career in artificial intelligence can be realized within a variety of settings including private companies, public organizations, education, the arts, healthcare facilities, government agencies and the military. Some positions may require security clearance prior to hiring depending on the sensitivity of information employees may be expected to handle. Examples of specific jobs held by AI professionals include:

  • Software analysts and developers.
  • Computer scientists and computer engineers.
  • Algorithm specialists.
  • Research scientists and engineering consultants.
  • Mechanical engineers and maintenance technicians.
  • Manufacturing and electrical engineers

Job Aspects:

  1. Machine Learning Engineers
  2. Data Scientist
  3. Business Intelligence Developer
  4. Research Scientist
  5. Big Data Engineer/Architect

Training placement platform where talent discover opportunities and opportunity seeks talent, The placement session of 2019-20 was a tremendous success as well with colossal participation of companies from different industries but with the same motives.

The internship and placement trend at IBM ICE has shown that flexibility in curriculum makes our students fit into any sector such as Core Engineering, IT, Finance, Analytics, Consulting etC. It does not matter which discipline you study, you may make a successful in-road to placement.

The Institute organizes various programs to improve soft skills, professional communication and personality through career counseling by professional agencies/experts. Students are also assisted in preparing professional resumes by conducting resume writing workshops. Management development programs are conducted by experts.

Course Overview

  • Programming with Python
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing
  • Pattern and Anomaly Detection
  • Application of machine learning in industries