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B. Tech.(Computer Science) with Specialization in Open source and open standards technologies in Association with IBM

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This program will address the need for vertical open standards domain knowledge and open source software skills for various industry verticals and drive to reduce the gap between industry requirement and availability of trained technology professionals for the same.

This program, is aimed at producing skilled professionals in the open source software and domain open standards by providing the student with the insights into the world of open source software, the collaborative methodology being followed, the licensing terms, expose the student to popular open source software tools, and bringing-in the right mix of theory with practical, to enable the student to understand the open domain standards, that are being used in the healthcare and retail industries.

 The aim of this course is to provide high quality education along with training the students with all the new advancements in the field of computers. The department also takes initiative to improve the soft skills, analytical capabilities & verbal communication of the students so that they can face the competition in the corporate world confidently. Technology and the internet revolution have made the world a smaller and flatter place. Global innovation continues to bring people around the world closer to one another, but we’re now starting to realize that just being connected isn’t enough.

Career prospects

IBM has been one of the leading proponents of open source software and open standards in the industry. Developing a career with open source software along with open standards domain vertical knowledge will enrich the students profile many fold. The economic slowdown in the enterprise has led to organization looking to optimizing their IT budgets, and in that process is seriously looking at migration to open sources solution and software to address to their needs. The adoption of open source in enterprises will automatically imply a need for employees/ students seeking employment, having/gaining familiarity with open sources technologies.

The career path for a professional will typically start from a programmer or developer, and then with experience, such a professional will be handling responsibilities like implementing, deploying and architecting the strategies around open sources product development for an organization. With experience under his belt, the professional can then venture into the consultancy arena, or can move up his career to be strategy officer for the organization who will be directing the complete open source adoption or initiative within the enterprise by evaluating products which will be the best fit solution for the organization.

Job Prospects

The B-Tech program in computer science with specialization in open source and open standard technologies prepares you for an exciting career in the following areas:

  • Open Standards Domain Vertical Solution Architects
  • Open Source Software/ Linux Administration & Security Specialists
  • Software Engineer/Application Development/Maintenance/ Testing using Open Source Software Tools
  • Project Management – Open Source Software Implementation

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